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July 9, 2009
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Betty Boop variations by HammersonHoek Betty Boop variations by HammersonHoek
Here are some of my Betty Boop sketches made recently as a warmup and preparation for the big Betty Boop picture: [link]

These pictures were drawn with lot of improvisation and mostly without reference, so they're not strictly on-model. Most of today's Betty Boop merchandise is too much on-model anyway, and I prefered to explore various different ways to draw miss Boop.

Betty Boop (C) King Features Syndicate, Inc. / Fleischer Studios, Inc.
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Ducktwacy95 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Student Filmographer
This is great!
johnlewisbrooks Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
I got the whole Betty biopsy collection and OMG the first four cartoons she was UH-GAH-LEE! Dont get me wrong. I love Betty boop so much I got a VW Beetle decked out with her all over and in it. But man... her face was like a cross between a bulldog and a baboon She made Olive Oyl look like Ms America by comparison lol!
LoveTHYconan Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012
the are so beautiful! lovely work! :+favlove:
Stormruby Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Old style Betty, it's so weird to see her with puppy ears. It's neat to see how she's transformed. Nice work :)
Owlchap Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011
These are just darling. :D
Violeta960 Featured By Owner May 17, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The best Betty cartoons are the ones before they began using model sheets. After that, she started to look too stiff and lifeless.
Great job here, she's so cute. :D
TehBoogie Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2010
I like funny animals but she looks simply too human as a dog. Uncanny valley!
I like the idea though. The early Betty by Grim Natwick was the best anyway. Funniest at least.
MergesKislany Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009
Never look better than Betty (:
Jackmunch Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2009
I've always had a shine to the dog version of Betty after seeing Mysterious Mose. But you pretty much executed them all very well.
venusheart Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2009
Love it 1000 stars <3 plus added to fav

Wow you really like betty boops dog form xD
yeah i think its cool aswell

i can tell thats the mysterious mose hairstyle xD
she had quite a few diffrent curly hairstyles
even in barnicle bill the sailor, all copyed from helen kanes style lol im so glad betty was made... and now people are drawing her dog form <3

The Other Version of a cartoon which looks like bettys mysterious mose form is, The Bum bandit,
Anyway thanks for drawing this its another of my favs <3
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